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Could You Be the Next Lotto Mega-Millionaire?

This site is not currently being updated with new numbers. If I get time or money to invest into this page again I will restart the update process.

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    Lottery comments, articles and more. Add a post if you like. Nothing in this area is endorsed or supported by LottoDuck.com it is simply extra referance posted by users. If you feel something here is inaccurate or in need of removal please contact us.
    LottoDuck.com Lotto post time: 12-12-2006 Edit Lotto Information
    Lottery Numbers and Results
    Lottery information post: Hello thought I would give my 2 cents. I like the lottoduck website very sheek and easy to use. Thanks for this great utility now I can graphically view my lottery numbers for the new york lottery which I like to play. I also will try the mega millions on ocasion. I like the probability reports under educated guess the best. Thanks - also you spelled mega wrong its not megga :)
    LottoDuck Lottery Post by: Little Duke
    LottoDuck.com Lotto post time: 12-12-2006 Edit Lotto Information
    Winning Numbers
    Lottery information post: Cool I won using the lottery graph statistics and probablities area. I didnt win the big one yet but hey at least now I am a winner lol. I think you should add a few more than just mega millions lotto and New York lotto. This is much easier than trying to do the numbers myself.
    LottoDuck Lottery Post by: Sara_hottiegurl
    LottoDuck.com Lotto post time: 11-09-2006 Edit Lotto Information
    Lotto email numbers
    Lottery information post: Hah wonderful tool to help me choose my lotto numbers. I use the lottery result graph section but definatly like the educated guess when im in a hurry. Lottoduck definatly makes it quick and easy. You should think of sending an e-mail to users who like to play the lottery and send us a copy of the educated lotto guess results. Other than that I like it.
    LottoDuck Lottery Post by: Larry Cable Man
    LottoDuck.com Lotto post time: 11-11-2006 Edit Lotto Information
    lottoduck duck lottery numbers winning numbers
    Lottery information post: Very cool lottery site. I love seeing the colorful lottery balls showing the lotto numbers. I play Win-4-Life and Megga Millions. I didnt get any winning numbers yet but have had a few close ones, havent been playing long though. Plus i love the duck in lottoduck haha.
    LottoDuck Lottery Post by: anonymous
    LottoDuck.com Lotto post time: 11-16-2006 Edit Lotto Information
    Cool way of showing lottery numbers and probabilities
    Lottery information post: This is definatly a cool way of showing off the statistics and probablities for lottery. I havent used lottoduck yet but my sister likes the quick pick utility. Personally the quick pick I agree thats not as useful to me as the other ways. I like to see how the lottery balls have changed between dates.
    LottoDuck Lottery Post by: JobBob
    LottoDuck.com Lotto post time: 11-20-2006 Edit Lotto Information
    Way to go lottoduck
    Lottery information post: Yes I agree this is much easier to sort through different dates and choose my numbers after lookin at the lottery results graphically. Lots more fun this way! Tired of looking at the lotto probablities and lotto numbers the old fashiond way now. If i could add something it would be an automatic way to fill in my lottery ticket lol.
    LottoDuck Lottery Post by: neet site
    LottoDuck.com Lotto post time: 11-23-2006 Edit Lotto Information
    Lottery Winning Numbers and Winners
    Lottery information post: Hi What website can I go to to see past lottery winners and amounts they won and dates does anybody know ?
    LottoDuck Lottery Post by: Mario
    LottoDuck.com Lotto post time: 11-30-2006 Edit Lotto Information
    Lottery Winnig Numbers
    Lottery information post: Mario im not sure where you can find a list of winners but you can try some of the official lottery websites for that information. For the ones listed above I think you can find lottery information, lottery nubmers, and even lottery winners. For the New York Lottery you can visit http://www.nylottery.org -- for Georgia Lottery you can visit http://www.galottery.com and for California Lottery you can try http://www.calottery.com hope that helps, Cindy
    LottoDuck Lottery Post by: Mario - possible answer
    LottoDuck.com Lotto post time: 12-02-2006 Edit Lotto Information
    Winning Lottery Numbers
    Lottery information post: Yes! This site is exactly what i have been looking for. I have a certain way I like to choose my numbers, but it take me a while to do the math to figure it out and now wow with the lottery graphs its so much easier for me to figure out which numbers I want to play. Is it possible to just pay by the year?
    LottoDuck Lottery Post by: Fun Guy
    LottoDuck.com Lotto post time: 12-03-2006 Edit Lotto Information
    Lottery numbers and ways to win
    Lottery information post: Hello, yes I also like the format of lottoduck.com very clean and nice. The lotto numbers are really cool the way you list them out, my life revolves around color codeing so this is perfect for me. Are there any proven ways to guarentee a win? or a way to determine a winning set of lottery numbers?
    LottoDuck Lottery Post by: Bear Facts

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